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Exile Hideouts

Last Updated: August 31, 2007


What is an Exile Hideout?


Richland Exile Hideouts


Westview Exile Hideouts

International Exile Hideouts


Downtown Exile Hideouts


RSI Modification Pills


RSI Modification Pills

One of the Matrix Online's great features is the control you have over your character. The game saw a new addition in the spring of 2007 with the release of the RSI Modification Pills. They were added in game on March 8, 2007 in Update 50 They allows you to permanently alter a physical trait of your RSI.

Where to find the Pills

Exile Hideout NPCs (except for the NPCs in the boss area of the bottom floor) and the bosses themselves now have a chance of dropping the pills. These pills can also be traded or sold. Different pill types can be found in different hideouts.

Exile Hideout
RSI Pills Found
Mars Industrial Storage
x: 303 y: -6 z: 371
Hair Color A (1-10, natural)
Hover Mouse Over
Hair Style (1-19 female, 1-18 male)
Old Hammerville High
x:391 y:5 z:-1317
Hair Color B (11-20, natural)
Old Talbot Building
x:-656 y:1 z:-1202
Hair Color C (21-32, artificial)
Abandoned Subway
x:-726 y:-4 z:-705
Tattoos (1-8)
Rawlins Corner
x:-610 y:1 -z:-281
Facial Color (1-8)
Ole Miller Projects
x:-375 y:1 z:41
Facial Style (1-12 female, 1-13 male)
Orchid Public Bath
x:249 y:-4 z:-342
Skin Tone A (1-8)
White Lotus Hotel
x:-79 y:1 z:377
Skin Tone B (9-16)
South Vauxton Apartments
x:-1964 y:1 z:-728
Head A (1-10)
Hampton Green Hotel
x:170 y:7 z:70
Head B (11-20 female, 11-19 male)
Creston Heights Museum
x:-1466 y:7 z:480
Body Type (1-3)

For a visual of each style visits the DN 1 forums; ## Transmission: RSI Pill Information
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